Saturday, June 27, 2015

Breastfeeding Kudos

Every now and I then I get to give Adam a bottle before bed. I love it. It gives me a partial chance to experience what Shoshy gets to every day - the amazingness of feeding your baby. I'd given a few bottles to friends' kids before and it was kind of fun, but the feeling of nurishing your own is incomparable. And I know what I experience through plastic and silicon is only a sliver of how amazing it must be for a mom to do straight from her breast.

Further - and I don't think I've ever been unappreciative of how much hard work breastfeeding is - giving Adam a bottle reinforces how much work Shoshy (and all moms!) does every time she feeds him. I was so preoccupied tonight on making sure he kept a good latch on the bottle that I forgot to keep the bottle more horizontal so it didn't just pour down his throat. I can hear so many more noises she's always talking about so much more clearly, and she knows what they all mean! I just hear "noises", and only when I paid extra attention to listen to them, at which point I forgot to focus on his wide latch, and so on. And all of this is while I can at least see how much he's eating!

So to Shoshy - and all breastfeeding moms - I'm massively impressed with how well you can do it all. I always think it, I just don't always tell you.

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