Sunday, November 9, 2014

Month 4 updates

The past few weeks have brought much improved health!  Shoshy's up and about and almost (relatively speaking) back to normal.  Still taking things slow and not overexerting herself (ie, walking through Target's still a challenge), but she's able to drive, run errands, sit downstairs, go to Target, etc.

Really, I knew she was feeling better when I came home one day and saw the vacuum cleaner out and a to-do list waiting for me. :)

We have quite a busy time ahead of us!  We're going to Vegas soon for a belated anniversary trip!  We'd been waiting for her to feel well enough, so here we go!  Then St. Louis for Thanksgiving, then off to Universal Orlando in January before settling down for the home stretch. :)

We've been to NFM and Babies R Us to look for cribs and car seats and think we have some of that figured out.  Now we're just talking about names - which would be easier if we knew a gender.  So far George and Mcgillicutty are out for boy names as well as Georgina and Mcgillicutty for a girl.  We're narrowing it down. :)  Actually, we pretty easily agreed on an early fore-runner for a girl's name, but that's about it so far.

And Shoshy has a little bit of a bump!!!  Basically from Friday night there was kinda-sort if-you-look-really-closely-just-right you could see a bump to Saturday night there was definitely a just-barely-there-if-you-look-for it bump.  That's progress.  She's sitting next to me right now poking her belly trying to get Susbaby to move.  :)

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