Sunday, October 12, 2014

Entering the 2nd trimester

Still Sick

As Shoshy enters her 15th week, you'd think she'd start feeling better.  Why should we think this?  Her doctor, her book, the internet, and everybody we've talked to has said so.  "Oh, you should start feeling better in the next week or two."  "By week twelve, thirteen, fourteen it should start getting better."  "By week fifteen, eighteen, twenty, she should be feeling better."  Yes, if only her body knew that.

She has actually gotten marginally better.  She's been going over to her parents (picked up and dropped off, she's still not driving) which gets her out of the house with other people instead of wallowing in her own misery.  Baby steps.


The pineapple chunks and orange juice month has passed.  There's an on-again, off-again crave for pickles (cliche, right?).  Lately it's mostly been M&Ms, popsicles, and Scooby snacks.
Generally what we've noticed is if she has a craving on a whim (ie, saw something on a TV commercial), it'll pass by the time I get back from the store.  If she has to wait a few days and still wants it, it's for real.  Which is why I'm SO glad she's been craving steak for over a week now.  My shopping trip Friday?  Thirty-six ounces of steak and two boxes of popsicles.  Awesome.

Funny Story

Shoshy's 10 year old cousin (a boy) knows she's pregnant and knows she's been sick.  He was very reluctant to give her a hug because he didn't want to catch whatever she has.  He was very skeptical that pregnancy isn't contagious and he can't get it.

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